Joining Cave Rescue

All members of cave rescue teams in the British Isles are unpaid volunteers.

Operational members, be it through individual membership or caving club based, are required to be experienced cavers. Often they will need to use their own underground caving equipment (including caving lights) although the teams will supply specialist rescue equipment. But note that cave rescue teams are NOT in the business of training a volunteer to CAVE. That is a pre-requisite for underground team members.


Membership of SECRO is as an individual and not via club membership. Volunteers can apply for membership and when accepted will be part of the rescue team subject to callout to incidents.
SECRO requires its members to be known as a caver competent in the caves, mines and structures we cover. Team members undergo regular training (minimum twice yearly) and volunteers will be expected to attend to show the necessary commitment to the team.

We may need the help of non-caving volunteers. On a rescue there is a need for volunteers to drive vehicles, handle surface communications, catering and other similar roles and some teams will have non-caving support members to fill these roles. On occasions other resources such as ambulance, the fire service, the RAF (including helicopters) or mountain rescue may be called to help.

In all cases, if you wish to help cave rescue in any way, please contact the secretary via the contacts page.