South East Cave Rescue Organisation (SECRO) is a voluntary organisation tasked with providing cave rescue services to the South East of England. Cave rescue organisations are staffed purely by volunteer rescuers with access to large supplies of specialised communication and rescue equipment with expertise and experience to carry out and coordinate underground search and rescue operations in their geographic areas of responsibility when requested to do so by the police.

The rescuers themselves are all experienced cavers who have volunteered to undergo additional training in underground rescue techniques and many have additional specialist skills such as casualty care training or underwater diving ability. Although the work is undertaken principally in limestone areas, disused mines and other underground features can be found throughout the United Kingdom.

Contacting SECRO in an emergency

call 999

If you need to contact SECRO in an emergency please dial 999 and ask for the POLICE.
You should then ask the Police for CAVE RESCUE. The Police should then contact the local cave rescue personnel and manage the incident.
If you are acting as callout for someone in a different county you may find dialling 101 (Police non-emergency) will be quicker.

Non-emergency contact information

SECRO are happy to discuss any questions you may have about training, joining, funding, etc.
Please contact the secretary on:



Donate to SECRO

Donate to SECRO